About us

"Tapetar Arsenijević" ("Upholsterer Arsenijević") company started working in 1990. Our first activity was upholstering home furniture. By the time, we have expended our work on arranging cafes, restaurants, hotels, kids games rooms, etc. At the begining we only worked localy, but today we are requested all over the Europe. We are ready the meet all your requirements, even the most specific. Many years experience and satisfied clients are the proof of our quality.


We strive to provide our products and services, as well as their style of business, exceed the expectations of our customers and users of our services and quality to achieve long-term business cooperation. That's why we offer them products and services of the highest quality, tailored to their needs and requirements. Through the already acquired a reputation as good employers and business partners, its employees provide excellent working conditions and career, and with its business partners achieve maximum relationship of trust and fairness in meeting commitments. We say what we do and we do what we say.


We want to work with our partners and customers, and with the help of the community we improve our products and services, as well as the manner and style of your business and thus to contribute to the prosperity of the community in which we live. We believe in constant improvement and we strive to offer creative products and services. The aim of the company is to continuously develop and improve processes, products and services always keeping in mind the requirements of customers and the needs of our customers.